About Me

About Lauren

I began my lifelong journey with horses when I was a baby, growing up with a mother whose love and passion for horses transferred directly to me. My childhood and teens were consumed by horses and riding, pony clubs, shows, clinics, lessons, and trail rides. There were ups and downs but my passion never fizzled. This enduring love for horses is what lead me to pursue a path in Equine Sports Therapy. 


I graduated from the British Columbia College of Equine Therapy in 2012. This was a two-year program which was designed to provide as much hands-on practice as possible. The course covered equine massage, chiropractics, saddle fitting, muscle testing, farrier, dental, nutrition, emotional balancing, working with herbs and oils, and other natural remedies. The amount of learning was immeasurable and I realized that there will always be new things to learn in this dynamic field! 

In addition to my extensive experience with horses, I hold a Degree in Human Psychology and work in a form of emotional work called Attitudinal Healing. The combination of traditional psychology and the attitudinal healing has proven to be a fascinating way of looking at what comes up in us as riders and horse owners and how we project our own issues onto our equine partners. By helping to bring awareness to these projections it is possible to see “problems” differently and to see the root of an issue, rather than simply altering behaviour.  

Values & Mission

As an Equine Therapist, I bring my experience with a variety of disciplines of riding and horsemanship plus years of experiential learning which I am passionate about sharing. My love for horses and people has shaped my practice to include all aspects of what is going on in your horse’s experience… from stable/pasture life, to training programs, diet, past experiences, and more. I truly believe that, rather than treating issues in isolation, a holistic approach provides the greatest opportunity for healing. This benefits the horse and rider alike to result in a greater understanding and bond, as well as lasting therapeutic effects and a healthy horse!

Something I truly love about working with horses and people is that each individual has their own unique circumstances. What works for some may not work for another. I am, and will always be, a student of the work and of the horses and humans I get to know. I strive to continue learning and I understand that every day is a new opportunity to learn. My goal is to offer what I can in every situation and will never “force healing” on anyone or any horse.