Equine Chiropractics

Equine Chiropractics

My chiropractic training is a gentle approach which proves effective in dealing with minor issues. Rather than using force to adjust the body, I use strategic pressure points to work with the muscles that are pulling things out of alignment. By working with the muscles and encouraging their release, the bones naturally return to line

Note: In my practice, I do not offer rigorous adjustments. Sometimes there is major misalignment which may require a more rigorous approach, in which case I recommend seeing a vet. 

Signs that your equine partner may need a chiropractic adjustment:

  • “Bad” behaviour such as crow-hopping or bucking when asking for a lead
  • Pinning ears when asked to bend a certain way (a reaction to pain or discomfort)
  • Unusual bumps seen or felt along the spine

Gentle chiropractics (along with massage) can quickly remedy:

  • Rotated vertebrae anywhere along the spine (from skull to tail)
  • Displaced shoulders, sternum, or pelvis
  • Displaced ribs

Chiropractic work can help relieve hidden pain or discomfort that may be creating barriers to success.