Energy Work

Energy Work

Energy work is quietly the backbone of all my work with horses. It works with the underlying energies and connections within the body. I apply it while doing massage and chiropractics and, when necessary, it can be the sole focus of a session. 

Muscle testing is a type of energy work you may be familiar with. The same way a doctor might use muscle testing to decipher allergies or other issues in a person, I can appraise the integrity of different systems in your horse’s body as well as identify precise remedies.

Cases where energy work is recommended:

  • Horses too anxious to handle massage
  • Soreness, injury or tightness in deeper muscles that can’t be physically reached
  • Working with areas that are too sore for even light massage
  • Horses with dietary issues
  • Imbalanced or improperly functioning bodily systems – musculoskeletal, digestive, lymphatic, nervous, etc.

Benefits of energy work:

  • Helps calm and settle energy
  • Relaxes and opens the body to receive the benefits of further treatment
  • Provides the opportunity to pin-point deeper issues and create a specific, tailored, and adjustable treatment plan
  • Non-invasive
For those who are unfamiliar with energy work or skeptical about its effectiveness, it is something I am happy to talk about further should you have any questions or concerns. I know the concept of energy work may be unfamiliar, but experience has shown the incredible value and power of using the body’s own energy to support healing!

Energy work can be the “secret ingredient” to ensuring the success of other treatment options.